Monday, March 8, 2010

Second Life Building Experience

Even though I am very familiar with massively multiplayer games, the building experience that I had in Second Life was very intriguing and exciting to me. There are very few games in recent memory that allow such a large amount of customization when it comes to user generated content. Especially ones that allow you to change the world you play in so significantly.

Although all I have experienced so far when it comes to building in Second Life is the basics, it is almost impossible to ignore the potential that can be exploited with the tools at hand. The fact that you can take the simplest shapes and edit, shape, customize, and place them anywhere is a great display of virtual agency.

Speaking of potential, wandering around the game world showed some great examples of what can be done within the game world. Although this veers a bit off of an analysis of my own personal building experience within the game world, some of the locations and assets I have seen are quite impressive, especially upon the realization that these users have access to the same tools that I do.

This kind of in-game creation process can definitely heighten the sense of both individuality and community within the game world. As I get more and more into Second Life, I am sure I will be even more impressed with the ability for the individual to create their own world within a world.

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